Features and Benefits

With low interest rates and generously flexible repayment options, business loan by Bajaj Finserv can give the much needed boost to your business, enhancing your competitiveness and profitability. Loan for business by Bajaj Finserv gives a Flexi loan facility, enabling you to expand your business to new heights, upgrade your existing business to latest machineries and equipment, scale up the growth and much more, at minimal repaying options. Top Features of Business Loan:

  • Flexi Loan Facility

    Business loan allows you to avail Flexi loan facility. This is a unique facility given to our loan applicants, wherein you are approved for certain loan limit, for a said duration. You can choose to pay only interest amount as EMI and repay the principal amount at the end of the tenor of the facility. Hence, it acts as a big saving arm to your cash flow.

  • Loans up to Rs.30 Lakh

    Whether your business has needs for short-term loans, intermediate-term loans or long-term loans, Bajaj Finserv offers business loans up to Rs.30 lakhs. You can use the loan amount to invest in infrastructure, expand operations, buy equipment or inventory, or even to increase working capital.

  • Collateral Free Loans

    Bajaj Finserv’s business loan are collateral-free, which means you won’t have to put your personal or business assets on the line to qualify for financing. And since you don’t need to pledge collateral, there is no requirement for appraisal of the value of your assets. As a result, with collateral-free loans, funding is much faster and requires only minimal documentation.

  • Flexi Loans

    These loans from Bajaj Finserv help you get a loan amount that is higher than what you are eligible for What is more, you have an option to pay the interest component only on the amount you’re borrowing. Because you are only paying the interest, your monthly installments are lower than they’d be with a standard business loan.

  • Pre-approved offers

    Preapproved Offers

    As an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv, you will be eligible to get exclusive pre-approved offers from us. These offers may include a top-up loan or even reduction of rates from time to time.

  • Online Account Access

    You have the convenience of accessing your business loan statement anytime, from anywhere online.